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pg 196
nylon capacitor mounts
two-piece nylon fastener
transistor insulators
pg 197
nylon locking hex spacers
male-female circuit board support
square standoff led mount
pg 198
-stackable snap-in
pg 199
-mini locking pcb support
-push spacers
pg 200
-female nylon circuit
board posts
-nylon pcb supports
pg 201
female nylon circuit
board posts
pg 202
locking pcb support
molded acetal rivets
pg 203
nylon pcb supports
pg 204
male pcb support posts
pg 205
nylon pcb posts
nylon pcb posts
pg 206
-nylon heavy duty pcb support
-reverse locking circuit
board supports
-reverse locking circuit board
support standoff
pg 207
nylon key-slot pcb posts
nylon pc board card guides
pg 208
nylon circuit board posts
pg 209
nylon pcb supports
pg 210
nylon pcb supports
pg 211
nylon pcb supports
pg 212
power transistor mounts
pg 213
power transistor covers
pg 260
metric miniature support

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