P r e c i s i o n  S t a m p i n g s

Over 25 Years of Precision Production Stamping Experience


WashersUSA.com offers metal stamping services.

If interested, please fax request to:
or email a 
Tooling Specialist


.... or fax blueprint(s) to the following number, and we will return a QUOTE as soon as possible:

Here's what WashersUSA.com has to offer:

High Quality Production Runs

  • Short or Long Runs

  • "Just in Time" Delivery

  • Secondary operations including
    -CNC Machining
    -Special Packaging

  • Blanket Orders for Release when you need them

  • Specialists in Manufacturing Precision Washers, Shims, and Gaskets

  • Hundreds of stock dies available

  • Complete in-house tooling for designing,
    engineering, and manufacturing of all
    types of compound, progressive, draw and
    prototype tooling

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