Two-Piece Nylon Fastener for use with Edge Connector Assembly:

Body Item "A" is inserted through the connector and through the chassis. Pin Item "B" then is pushed or tapped into the body to secure the connector to the chassis. The head design of the pin permits easy removal, and then the connector can be easily replaced.

Body Item A

Item Number C D
27TPF0001A 0.109 0.305
27TPF0002A 0.11 0.35
27TPF0003A 0.11 0.48
27TPF0004A 0.096 0.34

Pin Item B

Item Number B A
27TPF0001B 0.33 0.069
27TPF0002B 0.36 0.069
27TPF0003B 0.455 0.069
27TPF0004B 0.34 0.062

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