Anti-Twist Bushing:

Drawing 1: antwstdw.jpg

Our exclusive anti-twist design was developed to eliminate the electrical cord from twisting inside a lamp. Our Anti-Twist Bushing has a convenient opening which allows it to slip easily around a cord. The Lampcord Bushing is then threaded over the cord and the two bushings slip together allowing for easy installation onto any standard lamp fixture. Anti-Twist Bushing fits a 1/8" pipe thead and accommodates a standard cord size SPT - 1, 18, 2. The bushing was designed to be used with our standard 1/8" Lamp Cord Bushing. Other sizes will be tooled upon request.

Item Number Description A B C D Ref.
04MP0125ATB 1/8" Anti-Twist 0.195 0.05 0.175 0.39
04MP0250ATB 1/4" Anti-Twist 0.195 0.05 0.175 0.5


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