Cradle Mounts:

Cradle Mounts are used in applications where a low profile is necessary. Each mount offers a four way entry and is secured with either a screw or adhesive backing. 23TA00400 is secured with a #2 - #4 or #6 screw, 23TA00495 uses a #6 flat head screw. NOTE: the adhesive mounts have an acrylic foam backing that should be used on a smooth, clean, dry surface.


Item Number Description
23TA00400 1" Cradle Mount (Adhesive)
23TA00420 1" Cradle Mount (Screw)


Item Number Description
23TA00475 3/4 Cradle Mount (Adhesive)
23TA00495 3/4 Cradle Mount (Screw)

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